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Pandit Hari Sharma
‘Jyotish Acharya’ Pandit Hari Sharma is a fifth generation astrologer. As an only child he honed his skills in Vedic Astrology under the tutelage of his father Late Pandit Kunj Biharilal Sharma, a great devotee of Lord Shiva with a reputation of telling the past and predicting the future in a single meeting, without the horoscope. His grandfather was a grand exponent in Ramal Astrology.

An MBA in finance, Pandit Hari Sharma learnt Sanskrit from his father and later studied in Sanskrit Academy. As a verbatim reciter of Vedic Mantras, Verses and MahaRudri, he assists his clients to perform remedials for negativity of planets in their horoscopes.

Pandit Sharma developed his skills on Predictive Astrology and learnt the finer techniques under the guidance of world famous astrologers pandit J.N. Sharma and Shri K. Rangachari, among others.

Pandit Sharma has also developed his prediction skills through Nadi Astrology under the tutelage of Dr T.S. Vasan and Shri R.G. Rao, Nadi astrologers of international repute.

He has presented papers on new research in Astrology in numerous astrological conferences. His articles on astrology have been published in several astrological souvenirs and magazines.

Today he has clients from all walks of life. He has been personal astrologer of industrialists, businessmen and executives from the corporate world, both in India and abroad, for more than Fifteen years.

Pandit Hari Sharma’s credentials on predictions may be read in the testimonial section of this site. He is life member of Indian Council of Astrological Sciences. He still considers himself a research student of Astrology and has vowed to learn and teach Astrology throughout life. With this site, he has come into his own.