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Life is a journey – pleasant and sweet or bitter and hard. This journey is continuously throwing up new challenges. At different points in our lives, we face varied problems. These may relate to Studies, Career, Business, Finance, Health, Marital Happiness, Children or even as basic as finding an ideal soul mate or getting along with the current him/her.

In my astrological experience of last 20 years, I have found that maintaining a harmonious relationship between two individuals… be it girlfriend/boyfriend, fiancée, life partners is the most critical and prone to difficulties. At times, it may even lead to break-up.

An individual’s behavior or nature is most uncertain or unpredictable. How an individual will behave at a particular point of time is never certain. But, the science of astrology may be able to provide an insight into the reasoning for this.

With all my expertise gathered in the last 20 years after extensive study and seen countless horoscopes, I have developed this website “”. It tries to “reveal the secrets of human relationship”. It is my endeavor to help you answer your queries relating to your current or would be spouse/partners. For easy reference, the queries may be sent to me under Happiness, Love, Characteristics and Financial Security or your own query.

Your suggestions in developing this website further and expanding its scope and coverage would be welcome. In addition to answering queries about your current/prospective partners, we would be glad to answer any other queries you may have. For this, kindly visit: