Astro Envision
Male to know about his partner
When will I get married
What is the most suitable and auspicious time for my marriage
Whether , I will be happy with her
What is the commitment of her love for me
Whether she will enjoy going out to parties with me
Whether She has a sense of humour
Is there a likelihood of break up in the relationship
Whether She has the sensitivity to comprehend my feelings
Do I have more chances for a love marriage or arranged marriage
Is she likely to be a good Sexual Partner
Whether she is likely to care for my closed ones, brother sister and parents
Whether She would enjoy spending time with me
Will She confide in me
Whether She has the tendency to appreciate my unique qualities
Will She have affection for my current children
Whether She loves Children
What are the chances for me to have lady love in my life
Whether She will be compatible with my personality
Whether She is apt to be a good listener
Whether she will be graceful and carry herself well in gathering and all other occasion/a>
Whether She is likely to be unfaithful, at any particular phase of her life
Does she have the inherent capacity to understand situations through slightest gestures/a>
Will she prefer to be a homemaker or independent earner
Whether She will be able to keep harmony and balance between her career and our personal life
Whether She is likely to become alcoholic and drug addict
Is She currently having affair
Will she react , if were to be upset and in foul mood