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  • What is Vedic Astrology or the system of prediction in this site?
  • 'Veda' is a Sanskrit word which means 'knowledge'. 'Vedic' means' original knowledge given by God to humankind. This word was used in ancient India to describe the original culture, the original knowledge given to humans at the beginning of creation. It was passed down orally since the time of creation, then eventually in written form to the present. Vedic Astrology, or Jyotish as it is called in India, is the Science or Knowledge of time. Jyotish consist mainly of two parts: Astronomy and Astrology. Its purpose, over thousands of years of existence, has been to identify Karma, or action, in terms of the past, present and future. It is a behavior analysis and forecasting system. based on astronomical calculation which can help us to anticipate the benefits and challenges that lie ahead in our life.

    Vedic astrology gives us the ways to modify our actions to perform better in our life. Thus even when we might naturally have the will to take up the action, Vedic astrology prepares us to choose the best ways to perform.
  • What is a Horoscope or a Birth chart (Janma Kundali) ?
  • Astrology mainly utilizes a chart of the planet’s positions at the time of the birth. The chart of the planetary positions in the signs of the zodiac, rotated so that the sign rising on the East at that moment is the First House and all the other signs of the Zodiac following in their order as the successive of the 12 houses, is the Rashi Chart. Rashi, also spelled simply “Rasi”, means sign. So, the Rashi Chart, also called the Rasi Chakra and Rasi Kundali, is the chart of the planets in their signs at the time of the birth.

    There are other charts used in Jyotish. But, all charts have 12 divisions called the houses, each of which holds one of the signs of the Zodiac. Hence we say the 2nd house is Gemini, or Aquarius is in the 10th house. We are always expressing the houses by their number and sign as both are significant as you’ll see.

    The planets are rotating around the Sun in different orbits and at different speeds. Hence, they are always moving. At the time of a birth, they are in certain signs as viewed from the Earth, and those are the signs we draw them in within the chart for that person.
  • How Astrology Works?
  • Astrology is based on a pure science. Since the fact that the Astrological Chart is made on the basis of the Astronomical Data. The Astrological chart is chart of heavens based on Astronomical Data which shows the various planets as they could be seen in the heavens as that particular point of time from that particular place on the earth. Say if the Astronomical position is made of that particular time, all the planets would be visible in the sky same as shown in the astrological charts. Simply put that Astrologer prepares the chart of exact position of the planets where the planets are in the sky by taking their location in a Constellation. Take the location of the earth – by using latitude and longitude and finally the time of birth to work out the exact birth chart of the person.

    The Birth Chart is interpreted or predicted keeping in view the Vedic Astrology rules as laid out by the ancient Rishis such as Maharishi Parasara. The Vedic Astrology is a system for predicting how behavior will unfold for a person over a period of time. The Psychologists only analyzes the current behavior of a person, but it is possible through Vedic Astrology only which can show the shows how behavior is likely to change over a period of time. Life patterns in a particular Birth chart are seen in the light of historical rules. For the purpose of predictive the location of planets sign , house and period pattern to establish when and what circumstances will emerge or surface.
  • How does Vedic Astrology have power to give answers on various queries given in this site.
  • The correctness of the Birth Chart reading in direct relation to the experience and spiritual advancement of the Astrologer as well as the persons desire and receptivity for chart reading for him/her/ The knower of Joytish or Vedic astrology carries a massive burden of responsibility.A true Vedic astrologer should be a preferably Brahmin because they receive so much knowledge of the Vedic dictum, Astronomy and Astrological classical texts with that they have so much vision. A Vedic astrologer can know so much about their own and other persons life patterns, therefore, the responsibility is upon them to be excellent persons so that they can show the correct way to others.

    The real enlightened Vedic astrologer seeks to walk in total harmony with nature which he knows is simply a manifestation of Supreme Divinity. Being one with Divine Nature, being able to read the cosmos and thus give comfort and wisdom and direction to other persons is the real nature of the true Vedic astrologer. This is ultimately not a material science. This is the science of how God teaches the souls in this creation lessons. This science is not the possession of humans, it is on loan to humans. Abusing this science causes more serious karmic reaction. Using it correctly elevates one to a superior spiritual position.
  • How can the reading of Birth details through Vedic Astrology will help me.
  • By reading the Birth Chart and other allied charts, we can tell much about a person such as
    • Their Bodily propensities
    • Personality Traits
    • Mental propensities
    • Flow of life in various terms such as Name, Fame and Financial status etc
    • Compatibility with other Persons
    • Onset and outcome of disease
    • And many more things
  • How can I get reading for my Birth Details & make payments for the same?
  • You have to provide your Birth Details and choose questions from the Table given in the main page for which you wish to know the answer for. If you are a male and wants to know about yourself or about your female partners. You may do so by choosing the questions from the Both Tables given in the Main Page. On the basis of number of queries chosen by you, payments to be made by you shall be calculated, You can enter the details of your Debit / Credit Card for making payments ( this is a safe site for making payments………….etc etc.)
  • How long will it take to know me the results if I choose to take your services?
  • Once you choose to take our services, detailed predictions shall be sent to you within 3 working days.