Astro Envision
With due respect & humbleness I want to Thank You for changing the way I think and approach all materialist & non-materialist matters of this world.

I remember that I first met you when I was to hand over my official job responsibilities to you in the year 1994, and during our first few discussions itself you had asked me if "I had a new job" in hand. The answer from me was "Yes" and I will be getting an appointment letter from my new employer same evening. You said fine and we will meet tomorrow. Next day when we met I guess you did not ask me the same question as probably you knew the answer BUT instead asked me if I had my "Patri". I guess in 2 meetings you knew most of me by reading my palm at a distance. Eventually after going through my horoscope you helped me to continue in the same company that I was about to leave, as I did not end up getting any appointment letter from the new employer. More so you had already foreseen that there was no possibility of me getting another job for another 2 months if I left my present employer.

I guess I am fortunate enough to continue learning a lot from your wisdom, thoughts and things that you foresee with utmost clarity in advance whether it is related to profession, personal, family, near and dear ones affected by my being around them etc.

I have been in constant touch with you for long now and it amazes me how your astro predictions are so accurate and amazingly correct.

From Bottom of my heart THANKS ONCE AGAIN!!!

Puneet Sawhney
Vice President - MNC
Respected Panditji,
I think from the time we met you, sometime a decade back, we have been seeking your guidance on all small and major matters for the entire family...and no matter how busy you have been and what so ever have been your commitments you always squeezed out ample time and guided us astrologically...and most importantly so accurately. Therefore, stability in job, children's career,wife's health : to name just a few, we all owe to you to have guided us and made a difference.
aloke - 10-02-2009
Vice President - HR
Dear Hari,
I have given below my testimonial,so much to wirte about ,yet hard to put in words.All the same here it is:
It is hard to put in words my extraordinary association with Hari Sharma. It goes as far as the mid- 1980s when we worked together. Over these years his guidance and support in to my family and me at all times is beyond words. His extraordinary insight into Astrology, Herbal medicine and Gemology and his ability to combine the best of these disciplines has over the years proved invaluable to me and my family. Till today we co nsult him on almost every important issue and regard his views and opinions with utmost respect.

Hari's deep knowledge and understanding of the Hindu Shastras makes his advice and predictions even more accurate and he can also advise alternative methods like reciting mantras and reading chalisas to solve a lot of physical ailments and other problems. A very fitting example would be when I had complained of a terrible shoulder and arm pain, Hari had suggested that I read Hanumanji's Bahuk every Tuesday and Saturday. I have been doing it diligently for several years now and have been free of the pain problem since then. There have been many more instances over the years where his knowledge and acumen has always been extremely helpful to us and will be always sought for in the future. I wish Hari all success in his endeavour.
Best wishes,
New Jersety , USA
Hari Prakashji,
How does one put down on paper feelings which are very difficult to express. You have changed the lives of all of us - Mala, Shumita and me. But then we have never got anything other from you than the gracious friend, mentor and guide. You have shown us the right way always. And in my specific case, in our so many years of association, I have never come across a single time when what you have said had not come true. You cheered us in good times and warned and guided us in other times. You advised us to do, as they should be done. You never hesitated from calling a spade a spade. When we were on the wrong path, you got us back on the right one. So much so that even today I believe there is a kind of telepathy between us. I know in advance when you want to speak to me and phone u and more importantly, you know when I am in your need and advise and you immediately phone me to check up.

There are endless instances of your informing us of forthcoming good news and these have all been correct. People predict of dire problems and pretend to save us from them to corner glory because when nothing bad happens we say these people were correct and have saved us from trouble. But what about good things in life. Every prediction has been correct sometimes even to the day.

I would say that you are our saviour and god has ordained us to be asociated with you since it was HIS wish that you guide us always throughout our lives.We wish all success to you in your endeavours and may God grant you his wisdom so that you are forever with us and forever guiding us in our lives. With respectful pranam and regards,
Dear sharma Sir,
It was so great to have discussion with you on my Horoscope in 1998, astonishing & corrects predictions given by you made me stunned
Dear Hari ji,
Your predictions came true right from 1988 till now. Simply incredible you are. Wish you a grand success in showing light to us.
Dear Sir,
I was truly blessed to come upon your excellent predictive knowledge. You have supplied me with the guidance and focus that I desperately needed. Your help has been immense and the value of our session immeasurable.
THANK YOU so much !!! With great respect and appreciation.
Dear Sir,
I'm excited and inspired to revive this ancient wisdom and truth.The blueprint of lifes mysteries answered so correctly. Regards…
Dear Mr.Sharma,
It was Astounding to find an Astrologer of such competence so close to home.

High caliber, Accurate predictions.
I feel grateful and fortunate to have a personal reading with you since 1996, and it was my first "Vedic" astrology reading. Very accurate!...which helped much on understanding myself for working on inner transformation in life. regards
Dear Sir,
Excellent, convincing predictions, regards
Dear friend,
I have gone through your elaborate calculations. They are sound. I congratulate you on your correct and astounding predictions. I request you to make your visionary skills reachable to more number of people. You will succeed. My best wishes are always with you.
Dear Sharma Sir,
wish you success in servicing the needy. Kind regards to your family members as well.
Hi Mr.Sharma,
Thank you so much for the wonderful reading. Your professionalism & accuracy is a credit to you. I look forward to the beautiful life I have ahead of me. I wish you all the best. My warmest thoughts to you.