Astro Envision
Female to know about her partner
When will I get married
What is the most suitable and auspicious time for my marriage
Whether , I will be happy with him
Whether he has the sensitivity to comprehend my feelings
Whether he has inclination to remember important dates for example, my birthday, our Anniversaryday lo
Whether he has a sense of humour
Whether he is likely to care for my closed ones, brother sister and parents.
Whether he will adore me and will be generous on giving gifts to me
Is there a likelihood of break up in the relationship
Whether he has long term committment for his love for me
Do I have more chances for a love marriage or arranged marriage
Is he inclined to be Romantic
Whether he is inclined to be tender and gentle in love
Is he likely to be a good Sexual Partner
Will I enjoy his confidence
Is he likely to appreciate meals cooked for him and pay compliments for it
Whether he has the tendency to appreciate my unique qualities
Will he have affection for my current children
Does he loves Children
Is he of flippant nature
Whether he is apt to be a good listener
Whether he will go with the Fashion
Can he relocate his job to far off without consulting me
Whether he will react, If I were to be upset and in foul mood
Whether he is likely to be unfaithful, at any particular phase of his life
Whether he can develop tendency to abuse me emotionally
Will he will have the tendency to abuse me physically or Sexually
Whether he is likely to become alcoholic and drug addict
Is he likely to suffer any major disease
Whether he is likely to have extreme tendencies such as Stalking, persecuting
Whether he will be wealthy
Whether he will be famous
Whether he will consider me an equal partner for deciding on buying Cars , planning Holidays/
Will he save for rainy day and retirement
Whether he will have more than one Source of Income
Whether he will inherit wealth
Is he likely to stand by me in good times as well as hard times